Google Updates: Spring 2024

It’s time once again for one of our long-running series: Updates from Google. We have a bevy of updates for the Miami community, each targeting various audiences. Read on to see if any of these things impact you!

For everyone: Google blocking spoofed emails

As previously announced in January, the email security team has been hard at work helping Miami folks who send bulk email messages (more than 5,000 per day) become DMARC compliant. It was announced that in February, services like Emma and MailChimp may start to see rejection messages if the system wasn’t set up to allow those messages through.

As of April 1, Google has taken that a step further. Instead of sending the rejection messages, Google is now automatically blocking those emails that fit the criteria for email spoofing, i.e., from accounts that send more than 5,000 messages in a day.

Extremely important to note here: We believe that we have worked with everyone who uses a bulk mailing service to make sure the accounts are set up correctly so as not to be blocked. Thanks to everyone who helped us with this!

Please read more about the DKIM/DMARC enforcement at Bleeping Computer.

For specific groups: Appointment slots and Google Sync

The following items will impact only specific folks in Miami’s domain. We will be communicating with them individually, so if this affects you, you will know very soon!

Appointment slots to become appointment schedules

In July, Google will be deprecating the “appointment slots” function and replacing it with the more robust “appointment schedules” function.

Miami users who are currently using the "appointment slots" function will be contacted individually about this notice!

To learn more about appointment schedules in Google Calendar, read more at their website.

Google Sync to be deprecated

In the longer term, Google Sync will no longer function in our Workspace domain.

Google Sync is a tool that allows users to link third-party, platform-specific apps to their Miami Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts. For instance, iPhone users can use Google Sync to sign in with Microsoft Exchange to get Miami Gmail messages in Apple Mail or Calendar events in the Apple Calendar native app.

This essentially means that you will need to configure your mail, calendar, and contacts apps to “Sign in with Google” instead of with just a password. More information can be found at Google’s support site. This feature will be removed on Sept. 30, 2024.

Miami users who are currently using the Google Sync service will be contacted individually about this notice!

Read more about this at the Google support site.