New Miami Wi-Fi Options Available May 22

As part of a larger initiative to improve the overall security, features, and performance of the Miami Wi-Fi infrastructure, IT Services will be making some enhancements to the available Wi-Fi networks you see on your wireless devices.

Two girls sitting at a patio table, one writing and one working on a laptopBeginning May 22, a new SSID (service set identifier) or network name will be available. It is MiamiOH-Secure. This network is the eventual replacement for the current MU-WIRELESS, and provides increased security standards and leverages enhanced capabilities.

It is recommended that all Miami students, faculty, and staff use this new network while on campus, although MU-WIRELESS will remain active for the near future. You will log in to the new network the same as MU-WIRELESS, by using your UniqueID and MUnet password.

The other new network is MiamiOH-Visitor. It is replacing MU-Guest. This network is available for those visiting campus who do not have Miami network credentials but desire access to Wi-Fi while visiting one of our campuses.

IT Services is in the midst of a multi-year upgrade to Miami’s entire Wi-Fi system. It is being done in phases, and when completed, it will provide a faster and more personalized experience for users. Additional changes to the Wi-Fi service are expected to be made during the summer and later this fall.