Embedding Global Citizenship Outcomes into Course Sequences

As a liberal education curriculum, Miami Plan outcomes are not achieved by a single list of coursework.  Rather, they are embedded across the curriculum, in e.g. ADVW course sequences and programmatic requirements such as EL and the Senior Capstone.

In our efforts to support faculty and programs in creating cutting-edge curricula, the Office of Liberal Education’s Miami Plan Innovation Lab (MPIL) will now accept proposals to create course sequences that embed Global Citizenship Perspectives Area outcomes.  Following best practices for liberal education and the model set by the Howe Center for Writing Excellence for ADVW sequences in the Miami Plan, we will provide direct support to faculty and programs in this process.

Basic Requirements:

Programs should identify a sequence of 3-5 courses required by student cohorts that could embed DEI or IC or GI outcomes.  Also, an existing MP course outside of the program could also be required of students and utilized in the sequence.

A range of 10% - 30% of course content and student assessments in each selected course would need to meaningfully meet the MP outcomes.  This percentage is contingent upon the number of courses in a sequence, and the role of a specific course in the sequence.  Percentages do not need to be equally distributed.

Faculty willingness to engage new material and new pedagogies.  The process could challenge existing approaches to topics, to their perceptions of the discipline, and to long-established teaching practices.

A willingness to overlap e.g. accreditation outcomes (where relevant) that relate to inclusive communities, ethics, DEI, global awareness, and related topics.

For more information, contact the University Director of Liberal Education, Leighton C. Peterson