Hall auditorium name plate above the entrance.
 front of hall auditorium
 front of hall auditorium
 view of hall auditorium and the trees in front of it
 doors opening up to the entry of hall auditorium
 entry of hall auditorium
 empty entry to hall auditorium. coat check window and door to the green room.
 entry to hall. doorways to the bathrooms and stairwell leading to the balcony.
 Green room in Hall auditorium.
 Hall Auditorium, seating and stage.
 Seating in Hall Auditorium.
 View from the stage, looking out over the empty seats.
 balcony of hall auditorium, looking down on the stage.
 View from the balcony, looking down on the seating and stage below.
 view looking down from the balcony to the stage.
 Men's dressing room in Hall Auditorium
 Empty studio space in Hall Auditorium. Mirrored wall with ballet bar.