Clark State Community College Associate of Applied Science in Geospatial Technology

Articulation Agreement

  • Originating Institution: Clark State Community College
  • Degree/Program: Associate of Applied Science degree in Geospatial Technology
  • Target Institution and Campus: Miami University Regionals
  • Degree/Program: Bachelor of Science in Applied Social Science (Applied Social Research (ASO) major)

Catalog Year : 2017


The Geospatial Technology Program at Clark State Community College partners well with the Applied Social Research major at Miami University Regionals.

The Applied Social Research major requires 41-43 credit hours At least 27-31 of those hours must be earned at Miami, including the 12 of the final 30 credit hours. The matches below indicate specific courses you may be awarded after successfully completing those courses and transferring to Miami University.

To graduate with the Bachelor of Science in Applied Social Science, students must also meet Miami’s general requirements for graduation (, including a minimum of 30 credit hours taken at Miami, 12 of the last 30 credit hours taken at Miami, and a 2.00 cumulative grade point average upon graduation.

Additional steps to take include:

  • Complete the requirements for the Associate of Applied Science degree in Geospatial Technology at Clark State Community College.

Advising Contacts

Originating Institution: Advising and Counseling: Adam J Parrillo,, 937-429-8928

Miami University: 

Sree Subedi,, 513-785-3266

Tuition Information: One Stop for Student Success Services

Program Requirements
Clark State  Miami University
ENG 11 l English I 3 ENG 111 Composition and Rhetoric, satisfies English Composition (MPF) 3
ITS 1000 Student Success for Information Technology Majors EDL 110 The University and the Student
GEO 1000 Introduction to GIS and Cartography 3 GEO 242 Map Interpretation 3
ITS Computer Concepts/Software Applications 3 CIT 154 Personal Computer Concepts and Applications 3
MTH 1280 College Algebra 4 Math elective (satisfies Mathematics, Formal Reasoning, and Technology if transfer module completed at Clark State) 4
GEO 100 World Human Geography 3 Global Forces, Local Diversity (TAG) 3
CSD 1400 Database Management 3 CIT 214 Database Design and Development 3
EBE 1000 Employability Skills I CMR 221 Professional Development
CST 1400 Georeferencing and Mapping 3 GEO 441 Intro to Geographic Information Systems 3
CST 1500 Remote Sensing 3 GEO 448 Techniques and Applications of Remote Sensing 3
BIO 1420 Global Biology elective 4 BIO elective (satisfies Biological Science Foundation (MPF) If transfer Module completed at Clark State
STT 2640 Elementary Statistics I (required pre-rerequisite for SIT 2650) 3
EBE 2702 Coop Education I 2 CMR Elective 2
CAD 1 101 Computer Aided Design I 3 ENT 135 Computer-Aided Drafting 3
CSD 1510 Programming Fundamentals with Python 3 CSE Elective 3
GST 1300 Intro to UAS 3 GEO Elective 3
GST 21CO Intermediate GIS and Data Management Elective (approved as prerequisite for GST 2700 as GEO 442 - Advanced Geographic Information 3
STT 2650 Elementary Statistics II 3 STA 261 Statistics (must take both SIT 2640 and SIT 2650 for STA 261 credit) 4
ENG 221 1 Business Communication 3 BUS 102 (1hr); STC 135 2hr Foundations BUS Communication Principles of Public Speaking 3
CSD 2510 Python Programming (this course will be replaced with a Geospatial course beginning 2018-2019 GEO Elective 3
GST 2700 Advanced Topics in Geospatial Technology (with GST 2 [00 as n prerequisite) GEO 442 Advanced Geographic Information Systems (must take both CST 2100 and GST 2700 for GEO 442 credit) 3
MGT 2000 Introduction to Project Management 3 CMR Elective 3
Total = 51 Total =61

The following additional coursework will be required to complete the Bachelor of Science in Applied Social Science (Applied Social Research (ASO) major) at Miami University:

  • ASO 201 Introduction to Applied Social Research 3 (Program requirement - Core)
  • SOC 262 Research Methods 3 (Program requirement - Core)
  • ASO 301 Applied Social Research Methods 4 (Program requirement - Core)
  • ASO 401 Applied Social Research Methods 3 (Program requirement - Core)
  • Experiential Learning Requirement: Internship/Independent Study 4-6

Total = 17-19

Miami Plan and Electives: Clark State students may be able to Fulfill some Miami Plan and elective courses with Clark State courses. Please verify with a Miami advisor for more assistance.

TOTAL =124