Megan Spanel

Megan Spanel, Regional Associate Director of Admission

My name is Megan Spanel, and I'm the Regional Director of Admission at Miami University Regionals. I started working in the Regional Admission Office in 2006, directly following my undergraduate experience. I attended Indiana University, where I earned a Bachelor's of Arts in Journalism. I later earned my Master's Degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Miami University. I love the experiences I have gained through being a part of the Miami University community, both as a staff member and as a student.

My husband and I are from Middletown, and working in the community where we grew up and are raising our family is such a rewarding experience. I work at both the Hamilton and Middletown locations and becoming a more active member in the Hamilton community has been a wonderful experience.

My favorite thing about Miami University Regionals is being a member of the Miami University Regionals family. I enjoy meeting students and families, and explaining to them the opportunities to be found as a Miami University Regionals student. Being a staff member on smaller campuses allows me to get to know the students and see them as they progress toward graduation. I am proud of working with faculty and staff so dedicated to student success.

Email Megan Spanel, Regional Director of Admission, or call 513.727.3216.