How-To: Enable Course Grading Scheme in Canvas

How-To: Enable Course Grading Scheme

This Canvas feature allows you to enable a grading scheme with letter grades that will show in the gradebook.

Steps outlined:
  1. Open Course
  2. Select Settings
  3. Check Enable grading scheme*
  4. Check Manage grading scheme
  5. Click Edit Grading Scheme [pencil icon]
  6. Edit the default grading scheme to match your grading scale from your syllabus
  7. Click Save

* NOTE: Please connect with your department chair to discuss details regarding grading scheme standards used in your department or program of study. The following grading scheme is widely used at Miami University and throughout higher education:

Additionally, when adding the range for each letter grade in Canvas, you should enter only whole numbers. For example, while an A- is scored between 90-92.9%, you would only enter 93 in the lower A grade range. This will autofill as "< 93%" for the upper range for an A-.

Letter Grade and Percentage Range:
A+ = 97-100%
A = 93-96.9%
A- = 90-92.9%
B+ = 87-89.9%
B = 83-86.9%
B- = 80-82.9%
C+ = 77-79.9%
C = 73-76.9%
C- = 70-72.9%
D+ = 67-69.9%
D = 63-66.9%
D- = 60-62.9%
F = Below 60%

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