Start Teaching Online with Miami University Regionals

Photo of a woman working on a laptop from her home with red text on a white background that reads: Teach Online with E-Campus

Enrollment at Miami University Regionals is healthy and growing -- especially in our online courses. If you’re interested in helping us meet this increasing demand by teaching online with E-Campus, the first step is to enroll in our E1: Online Faculty Orientation course.


Here's what you can expect when you enroll in E1:

Best Practices in Online Pedagogy

Miami Regionals' E1: Online Faculty Orientation is designed for faculty preparing to teach their first online course with Miami Regionals, emphasizing the key elements of effective teaching and learning in the online environment.

Short & Sweet - and Self-Paced!

E1 is designed for the busy professional. Completely online and self-paced, E1 usually takes between 7-8 hours to complete. You are welcome to complete E1 over the course of a few weeks or all in one sitting - whichever works best for you!

100% Free, No Commitment

While there is absolutely no cost for enrolling and completing E1, there's plenty to gain. And just because you've earned your certification with us, doesn't mean you're on the hook to teach for us. Try us out! - and see if you like what you see.

And here’s what some of our E1 graduates have to say:

Tina Park, DNP, MS, RNE1 prepared me for the changes in education brought on in 2020. Not only did I learn how to deliver theory, but I learned how to create high touch community in an online environment.
-Tina Marie Andrews-Parks, DNP, MS, RN, Assistant Professor in Nursing

Joe KennedyAlthough I had been teaching online courses for many years, I feel the E1 class greatly improved my online student engagement toolkit.
-Joseph Kennedy, Assistant Lecturer in Computer and Information Technology

Britt Cole, MSN, RN, CPNThe E1 course was so helpful. It really showed how online learning is different than face-to-face and how it is similar. It gave me practical tools to use to make my online teaching better, more interactive and student-centered. The course was easy to follow and used engaging content.
-Britt Cole, MSN, RN, CPN, Assistant Professor in Nursing

Patrick LindsayThe E1 course was an important step in becoming more efficient, effective and creative in designing and delivering distance learning. At another college, not only had I taught online courses for many years, but had designed a new online course. After the E1 course it was evident how much more could be done, and also the value of a disciplined process in online course construction and implementation.
-Patrick Lindsay, Assistant Lecturer in Commerce
Ready to get started? Learn more about E1's course structure and learning objectives, or email Robyn Brown ( to enroll!