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#MoveInMiami raises money to support students' goals and dreams

The #MoveInMiami campaign celebrates its ninth anniversary this year, marking an important milestone and showing how much impact one day of giving can have.

#MoveInMiami raises money to support students' goals and dreams

As excitement builds for the start of another fall term and the arrival of new students to campus, Miami University also prepares for its biggest one-day fundraiser — #MoveInMiami.

The #MoveInMiami campaign celebrates its ninth anniversary this year, marking an important milestone and showing how much impact one day of giving can have.

Last year, the Regionals raised $108,812 from 403 individual gifts, which helped fund important projects, including emergency assistance for students impacted by COVID-19 and scholarships such as the College Credit Plus program. 

Miami raised $3,317,836 from more than 4,800 gifts in 2021, including both the Oxford and Regionals campuses.

This year, on Aug. 18, the Regionals aim to raise at least $112,000 from 412 gifts. Alumni, faculty and friends can choose from a variety of funds to direct their donations, but three funds have been selected for special attention this year based on current needs. Those funds are:

  • STEAM camp scholarships for low-income middle and high school students.
  • Engineering Technology Senior Design Projects.
  • A new Diversity Fund to support financial needs for students of color across the Regionals campuses.

Regional Director of Development Yvette Kelly-Fields explained why these projects were chosen to be featured in this year’s campaign. 

“These three funds especially impact the lives of students and who they want to become,” she said. “Sometimes financial need is the only thing standing in the way.”

Featured Funding Options

STEAM Studio

This is a camp for fifth through tenth grades that provides experiences with science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM). Students visit Miami Regionals campuses for weekly sessions to work on projects ranging from game design to robotics. They come away with experiences that may help shape their future educations and careers. The funding goal through MoveInMiami is to raise $2,500 to help 10 kids attend camp in 2023 who might not otherwise have the chance due to affordability. “We want to ensure that any student who wants to attend is not left out due to financial need,” Kelly-Fields said.

STEAM Studio

Engineering Technology Senior Design Projects

Each year, seniors in Engineering Technology complete a capstone that includes an open-ended research and design project. These projects use real-world objectives and analysis to create an engineered solution for unique technological problems. Past projects have included designs in robotics, ultrasound technology, solar power and more. Since materials and lab space to complete these projects can create financial hardship for some students, the goal is to raise $10,000 through MoveInMiami to offset these costs.

ENT Senior Design Day Presentation

Diversity Fund

This is a new initiative designed to break down barriers that have traditionally prevented students of color from succeeding in college. “This will help students with any related college expenses,” Kelly-Fields said. “Sometimes meeting needs for basic expenses is a roadblock for first-generation college students. This fund will help alleviate that need.”

For more information about #MoveInMiami and more than 70 Regionals programs the campaign supports, visit the #MoveInMiami website.