Health Education Meets Gamification (with Prizes!)

Health-related icons and game screenshotsStudents can earn bonus entries through games

EdLogics was introduced to Miami students in Spring 2019 as a fun, engaging way to learn about health using gamification principles. 

Among the digital prize wheel, badges, games, and scavenger hunts, complete with sound effects and virtual confetti, there is a plethora of content designed to improve health literacy and drive positive behaviors. 

From basics on chronic disease, navigating healthcare, and common conditions, to a library of hot topic articles like E-Cigarettes: Fad or Fatal?, Food Labels 101, and Get Your Best Night's Sleep (and many, many more), students are likely to learn about something that matters to them.

Edlogics screenshot with hot-topic health related articlesHot topic articles are quick, educational readsThe program is offered free to all Miami students through As a fall promotion, registered students will be entered to win cash prizes. The registration promotion will run from October 15 - November 22, 2019.