Students Give Back at MPACT

Miami's first annual Day of MPACT, planned by the Wilks Leadership Institute, included a new spin on a day of service. The event, held Sunday, November 10, brought 112 student volunteers together to complete service projects for local nonprofit organizations right there in the Armstrong Student Center.  

With several projects happening at once, students had the flexibility to change rooms on a rotation, getting exposure to all the social justice areas and allowing them to contribute to each project.

"I thought the event was really cool," wrote one student on an evaluation. "I personally really love small service projects and I haven't really been able to get involved in anything like this on campus so far." 

Event organizer Emily Ashner was thrilled at how many projects were completed. "While numbers are not the most important, nor always an indicator of success, I was so pleased with how many items we made and thinking about how many people that they will help."

Through the event, student volunteers created:

  • 100 hospital kits for Women Helping Women
  • 50 winter baskets for Oxford Seniors
  • 60 reusable menstrual products for MedLife
  • 175 activity kits for the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Cincinnati
  • 20 pounds of native seedlings for MetroParks of Butler County
  • 60 dog beds and toys for the Humane Society for Hamilton County

"I am truly just proud this event happened," said Ashner. "I cannot wait to see how we build upon this foundation. This year was just the start and we are excited to plan how to make this day truly all encompassing!"

6 Students at MPACT, hoding up dog toys made from recycled t-shirts

Students created dog toys and beds for the Humane Society

10 students at MPACT, putting together geriatric care bagsStudents stuffed geriatric care bags for Oxford Seniors