Health and Wellness Funds to Help Students

empty wheelchair and medical bed Funds can be used for wheelchairs, medication,
treatment, and more
The Division of Student Life has health- and wellness-related funds available to help students experiencing financial challenges related to engaging in care for medical or emotional needs. The funds, made possible by generous gifts from alumni and parents, help remove barriers to academic success and increase access to care.

“Students’ holistic well-being is a critically important aspect to their overall campus experience. Miami University has an unwavering commitment to both student success and personalized attention and these funds are great examples of that commitment” said Steve Large, assistant vice president for health and wellness in Student Life.

“Without the Health and Wellness Fund, I would’ve had to face the choice of either a semester without necessary medical treatment or a semester off from college; the grant prevented me from having to make one of these sacrifices,” said Sarah Bowers ‘21. “It allowed me to take care of my health while still being able to succeed in my classes, participate in Miami organizations, and work towards my future goals.”

Over the past year, the Division of Student Life revamped how they promote, accept and review applications for the existing endowed funds. The new process includes increased promotion of the funds, a streamlined form request, a standard committee to review and award requests, and closer communication with donors.

Funds include the Michael G. Hayes Fund, used for medical expenses that might make attending Miami difficult, the Open Doors Fund, for students who may be facing barriers related to addiction or mental health, and the Morgan Family Student Mental Health Services Fund, which can lower the cost of care for students who face obstacles related to mental health. Students can apply for funding at any time.