Update on SIV Prevention and Response

The office of the dean of students and the office of student wellness are committed to providing updates related to sexual and interpersonal violence ongoing efforts in prevention and response. 

Prevention Education with Intercollegiate Athletics 

The office of student wellness is partnering with intercollegiate athletics to train 75+ athletic staff on how to spot signs of unhealthy relationships through February and early March. Training builds on the strong partnership between the office of student wellness and intercollegiate athletics, which already trains every student-athlete and athletic staff on sexual and interpersonal violence prevention every school year.

Launch of Adaptable Resolution Pilot for Sexual Harassment and Other Sexual Misconduct Involving Students

The office of the dean of students is launching the adaptable resolution pilot for sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct involving students this semester. Adaptable resolution is a voluntary, remedies-based, structured process between or among affected parties that balances support and accountability without formal disciplinary action against a respondent, while focusing on the expressed needs of the harmed party(ies). Adaptable resolution is generally designed to allow a respondent to acknowledge harm and take steps to repair harm (to the extent possible) experienced by the complainant and/or the University community. The nature of some incidents may render it inappropriate for the pilot program. Please contact the associate dean of students, Gabby Dralle, to learn more at

Progress of the Campus Program Grant through the Department of Justice 

about 30 law enforcement officers at SIV trainingTechnical training institute with law enforcement (pre-pandemic) The office of student wellness was awarded the campus program grant through the department of justice, office on violence against women (OVW) in October of 2018. Since receiving this grant, partners across campus have formed the coordinated community response team (CCRT) to collaboratively support efforts for prevention and response to sexual and interpersonal violence (SIV) on Miami’s campus. The CCRT works to promote awareness of SIV, impact response to violence on campus, as well as support ongoing initiatives to improve campus systems.

The CCRT also maintains a core team of seven staff with specialities in prevention, student conduct, or law enforcement, who attend technical training institutes sponsored by OVW to stay informed on best practices related to sexual and interpersonal violence and supporting students.

The grant also allowed for Miami’s community partner agency, women helping women, to employ a full-time campus victim advocate, a confidential resource for students. Other goals achieved include: updating the current bystander intervention program to include information on SIV, providing ongoing training to law enforcement on the topics of responding to instances of SIV and implicit bias, increasing the readability of information on community standards’ website, and providing resources related to reporting and support services translated into Mandarin. 

Miami stands firm in its commitment to prevent and address sexual and interpersonal violence in our community, and will continue to provide updates on efforts to address this issue in our community.