What's New for Orientation 2022

Group of 15 students sitting in a circle around the seal for orientationOrientation programs will return to an in-person format this year with a new name and updated processes to best serve the class of 2026. The 2022 “fall semester orientation” process builds on the successes of past in-person and online programs, while also considering the distinct needs of Generation Z students.

One of the major shifts for orientation this year is building on the idea that the transition to college takes place over time, rather than in a one and a half day program.

“It’s a process, not a program,” said Liz Walsh, director of orientation and transition programs. “Our process takes into account when and how students and families will receive information and when they might be overloaded. There will be opportunities for them to revisit content and go deeper into it closer to the time when they will actually need it.”

The orientation process will guide students and families through the college transition in the spring and summer before entering Miami - and throughout their first fall semester.

Walsh is looking forward to having new students and their families on campus for fall semester orientation.

“I’m thrilled that we’ll offer a dynamic in-person orientation process for new students that also considers some fantastic takeaways from the virtual orientation programs of the past two years,” said Walsh. “The process will guide students in creating a vision for their Miami experience, encourage them to take initiative, and set them up for learning, growth and success.”

Orientation 2022 includes five components, each of which builds on the previous step:

Two groups of about 15 students sitting in circles on a grassy area of campus for orientation.Orientation Canvas course. The Canvas course will be introduced to students in two parts - the first in early May, and the second in early July. The first part of the course will focus on information students need before attending an in-person program. The second will deliver more timely content as students anticipate the fall semester. Students will be able to refer back to the orientation Canvas course at any point during their first year at Miami.

On-campus orientation sessions. First-year students are required to attend one of the 18 one-and-a-half day orientation sessions between May 31 and June 30. The in-person orientation program will focus on both academic and student life with an emphasis on relationship building and creating a vision for students’ Miami experiences. Students will register for classes when they are on campus. Family members of incoming students are also encouraged to attend.

Transition to College webinar series. During July and August, students will have the opportunity to learn about campus resources, programs, and connect specific student populations or student groups to build connections and prepare for the fall semester.

(Optional) Miami Bound programs. Students will have the option to visit campus through a variety of in-person workshops, events, and multi-day experiences ahead of the fall semester. The primary goal of these in-person experiences is to build connections to campus and each other. Events may be multi-day programs focused on a specific topic, or shorter one-day programs.

Welcome Weekend and First 50 Days. Welcome Weekend and First 50 Days is a robust series of programs designed to welcome new students to Miami. Welcome Weekend will include a variety of ways for students to connect in their communities of interest: academic departments/majors, residence halls, identity-related affinities, and other interest areas. Transition experiences and events will continue with daily offerings during the first six weeks of classes, further supporting the academic and social transitions of new students.

New students begin receiving the Hawk Herald newsletter in March. The newsletter will include important updates about orientation, and will serve as a guide through the transition process. The campus community is welcome to subscribe to the Hawk Herald for future updates.