Miami Introduces Welltrack Boost: Free Digital Mental Health Resource

Three screens on a cell phone demonstrating features of welltrack boostMiami’s student counseling service launched a new mental health resource in January. Welltrack Boost is a free digital resource that provides students with self-help tools to manage their mental health and well-being. The tool can help students address issues, recognize patterns and triggers, and reinforce healthy habits.

With the goal of empowering students to take control of their mental health on their own terms, Welltrack Boost guides students through assessments, wellness modules, mood tracking, and problem-solving skills. The tool is available at any time whenever students feel motivated, concerned, or curious about their mental health.

The app includes a crisis support feature for immediate assistance when needed.

John Ward, director of Miami's student counseling service, emphasized the flexibility of the tool and how it might be useful to students across various stages of their wellness journey.

It serves as an accessible entry point for those exploring wellness or it can be a valuable supplemental resource for students already engaged in therapy.

"The whole idea around Welltrack Boost is to allow students the opportunity to engage with their health and wellness in their own time and in their own way, with a true therapeutic background behind it," Ward stated.

Who Should Use Welltrack Boost

  • Students who are in therapy with the student counseling service can take "homework assignments" from their counselor. The Sync with Counselor feature allows students to share their progress easily.
  • Students who have completed counseling and are focusing on maintenance can use Welltrack Boost to continue working on their mental well-being on their own.
  • Students who have a general interest in mental health and well-being and who have an interest in self improvement can use Welltrack Boost as a resource.
  • Students who are interested but not yet ready to take the step into counseling can explore mental health resources to get some baseline knowledge about mental health.

Students can access Welltrack Boost with their Miami email address at