Emotional Support and Service Animals

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are a category of animals that may provide necessary emotional support to an individual with a mental or psychiatric disability that alleviates one or more identified symptoms of an individual’s disability, but which are not considered Service Animals under the ADAAA.

Miami University does not permit students to have pets in the residence halls. Miami provides reasonable accommodations to students who have a documented disability. An ESA may be permitted to reside with their owner in the student’s on-campus residence if:

  1. An ESA is prescribed by a healthcare or mental health professional to a student with a disability, and is an integral part of the student’s treatment plan. However, Miami will not permit an ESA in the residence halls that poses a threat to the health or safety of others; would cause substantial physical damage to University property or to property of others; or results in a fundamental alteration of the University’s residence life program.

  2. The student has provided adequate documentation of disability to Student Disability Services (SDS). Miami University has the right to request additional clarification or documentation of disability.

  3. The student has completed the SDS ESA registration and veterinary care forms and provided the campus address at which he/she and the ESA plan to reside for the current academic year. Please email SDS at SDS@MiamiOH.edu to request the needed forms.

If an ESA is approved:

  1. The student will receive a letter from SDS indicating such approval.  

  2. The letter will be additionally sent to the Resident Assistant and Professional Staff Member of the residence hall of the student/owner.

  3. The letter will also be sent to the Directors of Housing Options, Meals and Events (H.O.M.E.), Office of Residence Life (ORL) and Housing Dining Recreation and Business Services (HDRBS).