How to Request Accommodations

To begin using accommodations each semester, you are required to submit your accommodation requests. This will generate a letter sent to each faculty of courses for which you plan to use accommodations.

Follow these steps to request letters:

  1. Go to SAM: Students Accessing Miami.
  2. Select Sign In. Please enter your Miami Unique ID if prompted.
  3. Sign e-agreements if prompted.
  4. Scroll your dashboard page down until your see your classes listed.
  5. Select all courses you want to use accommodations for in Step 1: Select Classes.
  6. Select Step 2: Continue to Customize Your Accommodations.
  7. Select the accommodations you want to use for each class.
  8. Select Submit Your Accommodation Requests.

Accommodations begin from the date of formal request and are not retroactive. We strongly encourage you to request accommodations in advance of the need for them. Many students find it helpful to submit their requests after registering for classes. At the beginning of each semester, you need to contact each faculty member to discuss your accommodations and plans for the semester.

Tips for talking to faculty about your accommodations:

  • Introduce yourself during office hours or send an email to your professor.

  • Discuss your accommodation needs and how they will be provided.

  • Contact your professor and/or Student Disability Services (SDS) as soon as possible with questions regarding your accommodations.

You may view and modify your accommodation requests at any time by visiting your SAM Student Portal.