Localist Tutorial

The University events calendar is powered by Localist and aggregates events from multiple business systems including 25Live, EMS, TheHUB, and more to present one cohesive calendar.

To Get Started, Log in to the Event Calendar

To log in with your Miami University unique ID and password, click the LOG IN link at the top of the page and then choose the red Login with Miami Unique ID button.

If you do not have a Miami University ID and password, you can log in using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or by creating an account using your email.

Once your account has been created you will be able to take full advantage of the calendar’s features such as entering events, choosing the I’m Interested button for events you want to attend, and sharing event information via social media.

Add an event

If your event is being held in a space that has to be reserved through 25Live, EMS etc., DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM. All events with a reserved space will feed over from the system used to make the reservation.

  1. Choose the Submit an Event link from the events home page.
  2. Enter the Event Name.
  3. Enter a detailed description of the event.


You can create an event that occurs on multiple days, multiple times in one day, or that spans multiple days.

  1. Enter the Start Date of the event.
  2. Enter the Start Time for the event if there is one. If your event occurs all day, leave the start and end times blank.
  3. Enter the End Time for the event if there is one.
  4. Choose the Repeating dropdown menu if your event repeats at the same time on a regular schedule. Click the Add Above to Schedule button. Localist will display all dates that your event will take place.


Most of the locations on campus have been entered into the calendar so as you start to type your event location, Localist will offer suggestions for the location. If you select a pre-existing location in Localist, your event will show where on a map the event is being held. 

  1. Enter the Event Place such as Uptown Park. When you enter the name of the Event Place, the physical address will usually fill in automatically. 
  2. Enter the room number where the event will be held, if there is one. If there is no room number, enter any information you have such as lawn, front porch, etc.
  3. Enter the physical address of the location if it does not pop up automatically.

Additional Details

  1. Add the event’s hashtag if there is one. When entered, Localist will monitor mentions of the hashtag on Twitter and take mentions into consideration in the trending algorithm. Do not include the hashtag symbol as it will automatically be added.
  2. Add the event’s website address if there is one.


All events should have a photo. We recommend using a 200x200 sized image.

  1. Upload a photo if you have one. You can upload a photo you currently have on your computer, chooses a photo from the photo library, or you can upload a photo from Photoshelter.

If you do not have a unique photo, a fallback image will be assigned to your event.


Select all that apply from each Filter Family. You can choose more than one by returning to the drop-down menu and selecting each of the selections you want.

  1. Choose the Event Type from the drop-down menu. What is the format of the event?
  2. Choose the Target Audience from the drop-down menu. Who can attend the event?
  3. Choose the Event Interest from the drop-down menu. What information is being covered during this event?
  4. Choose the Group from the drop-down menu. Who is hosting the event? A group must be selected.


  1. Enter the ticket cost. If there is no fee for the event, leave the box blank.
  2. Enter the link where tickets can be purchased (if applicable).

Once all the event information has been submitted, choose the Add Event button. Your event will be sent to a calendar administrator for approval.

Submit Requests

Request calendar access.

Request Localist Permissions

Request a group be added, modified, or deleted.

Group Modification Request

Log Into the Events Calendar

Log in to Events Calendar

Events Calendar Training

You must already have an admin account in the calendar system in order to complete this training.

Enroll in Localist Training

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