View Sample Pages

These sample pages are provided to give you some ideas for page layout. Remember that most pages will be the Universal Page layout.

The landing page is used only for department or divisional homepages. There may be some other instances where a program or office might use the landing page. UCM web content specialists can assist you in making that determination. 

News pages can be created to highlight special feature stories from your department or office. These stories will appear on a summary page and can also be pulled into an RSS feed widget. You can view an example of a news listing page at College of Creative Arts News. CCA also uses listing pages based on filters.

You can create page differentiation by using widgets in creative ways. The sample pages include different widgets used by various departments. If you like a widget created by a different department, you can copy it to your folder and make changes. If you want to use the exact widget (to share information), you can attach their widget to your page.