Sunset view of the Sundial with MacCracken Hall in background

Benjamin Harrison Medallion Award Recipients

Recent Recipients


Linda Marchant

Linda Marchant

Professor, Department of Anthropology


Kate Rousmaniere

Kate Rousmaniere

Professor, Department of Educational Leadership


James Oris

James Oris

Associate Provost of Research and Graduate School Dean


Karen Dawisha

Karen Dawisha

Department of Political Science


Dr. Sally Lloyd

Sally Lloyd

Department of Educational Leadership


Dr. John Kiss

John Kiss

Department of Botany

Prior to 2012 (1974-2011)

Past Recipients
Year Recipient
2011 A. John Bailer, Professor of Statistics
2010 Ann Rypstra, Ecology Research Center (Hamilton); Professor of Zoology
2009 Arlyne "Mickey" Sarquis, Director of the Center for Chemistry Education (Middletown); Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
2008 Yildirim Dilek, Professor of Geology
Thomas Speh, Professor of Marketing
2007 Richard E. Lee, Professor of Zoology
Allan M. Winkler, Professor of History
2006 Jane Butler Kahle, Professor of Teacher Education
2005 Nelda Cambron-McCabe, Professor of Educational Leadership
2004 Steven DeLue, Professor of Political Science
2003 John Hughes, Associate Provost for Research/Dean of the Graduate School; Professor of Geology
2002 Marcia Baxter-Magolda, Professor of Educational Leadership
2001 William E. Scott, Professor of Paper Science and Engineering
2000 Frank Jordan, Jr., Professor of English
1999 Gene E. Willeke, Director of the Institute of Environmental Sciences, Professor of Geology
1998 Jay W. Baird, Professor of History
1997 Karl Mattox, Dean of the College of Arts and Science
1996 Susan R. Ewing, Art
1995 James W. Brock, Bill R. Moeckel Professor of Economics
1994 Joseph R. Priest, Distinguished Professor of Physics
1993 Gilbert Gordon, Professor of Chemistry
1992 Heanon M. Wilkins, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
1991 W. Hardy Eshbaugh, Professor of Botany
1990 Robert C. Atchley, Director of the Scripps Foundation; Distinguished Professor of Gerontology
1989 Richard V. Smith, Professor of Geography
1988 none awarded
1987 Spiro Petersen, Professor of English
1986 Bill R. Moeckel, Dean of the School of Business Administration; Professor of Management
1985 Jane L. Rees, Director of Family and Child Studies Center; Professor of Home Economics and Consumer Sciences
1984 John L. Thompson, Professor of Geography
1983 Mildred Murstein Seltzer, Scripps Foundation Director for Education and Training; Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
1982 Clarence K. Williamson, Provost/V.P. for Academics Affairs; Professor of Microbiology
1981 Charles Heimsch, Professor of Botany
1980 none awarded
1979 Charles M. Vaughn, Professor of Zoology and Parasitology
1978 Edgar M. Branch, Research Professor of English
1977 John E. Dolibois, V.P. for Development and Alumni Affairs
1976 Reo M. Christenson, Professor of Political Science
1975 Delbert A. Snyder, Professor of Economics
1974 W. Fred Cottrell, Research Professor and Director of the Scripps Foundation for Research in Population Problems