Get Involved with MUASAA

 Professor Lorigan from CAS wears protective goggles as he examines an experiment.
 EHS Professor Paula Saine works with a student
 CEC's Michael Bailey-Van Kuren with students
 Professor Dave Sobecki enjoys time on the plaza at Miami Hamilton
 FSB professor Wayne Speers working with students in his classroom
Tammy Kernodle, professor of music, is the 2018 recipient of the Benjamin Harrison award.

You can get involved with MUASAA by attending one of our upcoming events, or by joining one of our committees.

Executive Co-Chairs of MUASAA

Chair meets monthly with the Associate Provost. Tracks expenditures and maintains budget. Works with committee chairs and planning team who plan monthly professional development events, an annual symposium, and advising communications.

Kristan Kanorr
Tory Lowe

Annual Symposium Committee

Tracks expenditures and maintains budget. Organizes leadership team who plans monthly professional development events, annual symposium, and advising recognition event.

Professional & Community Development Committee

Plans monthly professional and community development events including selecting topics, securing speakers, and executing the event. Arranges and picks up (as needed) catering for monthly events and secures thank you gifts for speakers. Annually distributes professional development survey to members.

Communications Committee

Committee co-creates monthly newsletter. Each member is assigned an area of the newsletter to work on and submit each month. Graphics and final formatting completed by Becky Sander. Committee members assist with MUASAA website updates.

New Advisor Welcome Committee

Coordinates outreach to new advisors and plans events where new advisors can meet other advisors from the advising community. Keeps track of when new advisors are hired through organized communication with offices across campus.

General Planning Team

The following members flexibly contribute to MUASAA and its committees: