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Bob De Schutter uses grandmother’s war stories to inspire creation of video game, July 8 (subscription may be required)
Miami researchers’ findings in machine learning and predicting short-term stock prices
Advisor, July 8 (subscription may be required)
Award-winning collaboration “HumanitiesWorks” uses data to disprove public perception
The HumanitiesWorks collaboration logo.Major at your own risk. That’s often the public perception of students who choose to study philosophy over finance or English over engineering.
Make Youth Sport Less About Adults. More About Children.
Dr. Melissa Chase, Co-Author of Best Practice for Youth SportToday, youth sport is big business that’s become far more about the adults, which has led to a hyper-competitive culture that’s pushing children to become elite athletes at younger and younger ages
Jennifer Heston on the struggle of family caregivers
Dayton Daily, June 30 (subscription may be required)
Dean Mullenix Reflects on Visiting Rome with the Glee Club
"...when I turned to look around during the Club’s singing of Ave Maria, I saw an Italian man a few rows behind me, simply overcome by the beauty of the singing, tears streaming down his face. I felt so fortunate to be part of this special event where voices and worlds collided."
Strategic plan supports investment, innovation and more
Miami University Board of Trustees approve operating budget for fiscal year 2020.Miami University trustees at their June 28 meeting set Miami on an energetic five-year course by approving a strategic plan that addresses rapid changes in education, society and employment.
New Education Program Helps Low-income Children Avoid the Summer Slide
A new partnership between Miami University and Hamilton’s Head Start program is helping local children stay ahead this summer. It’s called JUmp over the SUmmer Time (JUST).