Special Event Route

Red Brick Run

Run with Friends of Amber Volk follows the Red Brick Run route.Red Brick Run route. See description below for details.

This run/walk begins at Millett Assembly Hall. Participants will start by heading south on Talawanda Road. There will be a street crossing near the start, across Sycamore Street. The route continues south until you reach High Street, where you will cross the road and proceed west towards Campus Avenue (away from Benton and Farmers School of Business). The route continues until Campus Avenue where you will turn left/south onto Campus Avenue towards Spring Street.

Once you reach Spring Street, you will turn left/east onto it (towards Armstrong Student Center) and continue until Oak Street. You will turn right/south onto Oak Street, crossing Spring Street in the process. Turn left/east onto the small road across from Goggin which passes by MacCracken, until it intersects with Maple where you will cross over Maple and then turn left/north onto Maple Street. Head back towards Spring, and turn right/east towards US 27 after crossing Spring. Turn left/north US 27/S Patterson Avenue.

Cross over S Patterson Ave onto Cook Field once you reach Farmer's School of Business. Head east along the north side of Cook Field, then turn right and head south along the east side of Cook Field. When you reach the end of that side, double back towards East Quad & Dorsey, cross the street and head west towards Farmer's School of Business. The West Wall of Dorsey is the 2 mile mark! After you pass Farmer's School of Business, cross S Patterson Ave onto High Street. Continue west until you come to Talawanda Road, turn right/north and head straight until you return to Millet Assembly Hall.

Great job!