Dear Miami Community,

The start of the fall semester is just around the corner! As we prepare for your arrival to campus, we wanted to provide you with some important dining information. It goes without saying that the past year was nothing any of us have ever experienced in our lifetime. The entire country is still trying to recover from the fall out of the COVID Pandemic. Unemployment, supply chain, product availability and operational changes in the food and beverage industry are challenges seen nationwide and are affecting us.

Our Food & Beverage team is working diligently to ensure that your dining experience this fall is not only safe, but also offers you a healthy and robust variety of food options on campus. We continue working to hire exceptional staff, full time and students, who are a critical part of keeping the operations working at full capacity.

Given these challenges, Miami dining humbly asks for your patience as we navigate through the fall semester. We are committed to providing the value and variety of options that our students and families expect. Our team has worked hard to develop a hybrid schedule with staggered meal services times at buffet and a la carte locations. These changes will ensure that our students have a variety of dining options at all times and the ability to get the most value and use from their meal plan.

Students are encouraged to check the hours of operation for each dining location. Up to date hours of operation can be found on the dining webpage or via QR codes posted at all dining locations.

Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility as we work together for a safe and healthy start to the semester.

Love & Honor,

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Geno Svec
Executive Director of Campus Services and Chief Hospitality Officer

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