Best Practices

Best Practices in Partnerships between Academic Institutions


Excerpted from Wiley, D. and C. Root, “Educational partnerships with foreign institutions for increasing the quality of international education in the United States.” Presented at Global Challenges and U.S. Higher Education: National Needs and Policy Implications Conference, January 2003.

Successful partnerships will commit to doing the following:

  • Be clear about the goals of the partnership
  • Work with a deepened understanding of each other
  • Commit internal funding to the partnership, not only grant funds
  • Build for the long term
  • Seek broad support from relevant faculty and administrative leaders
  • Make decisions collaboratively
  • Operate with written agreements
  • Have transparency in allocating resources
  • Be constant in the goals of the partnership
  • Be open to differences of perspectives and understanding and address these promptly and directly
  • Build consortial and not only single-institution linkages
  • Agree on and honor ethical and human subject guidelines in relations among partners where research is conducted
  • Actively acknowledge contributions of partners and donors
  • Regularly celebrate the creation and successes of the partnership.