Why I Chose My Major: Philosophy

Samantha MehlMiami Regionals student, Samantha Mehl, told us why she chose to major in Philosophy:

Why did you decide to become a philosophy major?

Being premed, I am obviously interested in the human body. But I am also completely and utterly intrigued with the human condition and brain. I love wondering why people do what they do and how we’ve come to be this way. Also, the two careers I’ve always seen myself doing, a lawyer or doctor, are very based around philosophy. I decided if I want to go either way I will have my credits to graduate with a degree in philosophy to head towards either field. I grew up in a farming family with all of my aunts and uncles being more laborers and trade workers, I honestly thought that philosophy was a fluff major and useless. But after taking the Theories of Human Nature course last fall semester I became completely and utterly amazed with the world of philosophy.

How does the philosophy major complement your goal of medical school?

Medical school is tough to get into, and considering a lot of the applicants for medical school are biological sciences majors, I believe a philosophy major will be a competitive edge against the plethora of biology majors. Also, a degree in philosophy shows that I’m not only interested in people individually, but I’m interested in the human race as a whole. Research psychology has also been a big interest of mine, and I think that philosophy will help give me a competitive edge in that field as well as just getting into medical school.

What would you say to someone considering a major in philosophy?

I would tell someone considering a major in philosophy to go for it. I think philosophy is great for anyone to study, especially for people who want to go on to become doctors or lawyers that require a lot of human contact and trying to figure out the human condition to further succeed in their field. Dealing with large amounts of people is much easier if you understand ethics, arguing with people is easier if you understand logic, and so on and so forth.  Majoring in philosophy might sound dumb to other people, you might second guess yourself, and you’ll always get funny looks when you say “I’m a philosophy major,” but as long as you’re interested in what you’re doing and you’re passionate, who cares? If a philosophy major sounds the best for you, go for it.