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Bachelor of Integrative Studies

Why a Bachelor of Integrative Studies?

It allows you to customize your degree program to fit your career, personal, and professional goals.

The Bachelor of Integrative Studies (BIS) degree is designed as a bachelor’s completion degree that is particularly appropriate for students who have earned an associate degree or have completed other college-level work and desire to obtain a four-year degree.

Integrative learning is a process by which students connect knowledge and skills from multiple sources and experiences, apply knowledge and skills in varied settings, analyze diverse points of view, and understand issues contextually. With a variety of unique concentrations, the Bachelor of Integrative Studies (BIS) degree meets the challenges of a 21st century education, while maintaining the Miami tradition of academic excellence.

Students in Integrative Studies build a Bachelor’s degree that works best for them, by making connections among fields of study that fit their educational, career, and personal goals. Unlike a general studies degree, the BIS incorporates a set of three seminars designed to help students reflect upon their educational options and purposefully design a degree that can work for them now and in the future.

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