Students participate in a group tutoring session.

Hamilton Campus

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Drop-In Tutoring Hours

Drop-In CHEM Tutoring Hours:

Wednesday: 1:15pm-4pm

Group Tutoring Sessions

Spring Semester 2018 

Hamilton Only


  • 1:30-2:30 pm REN 104- MBI 161 HA, HB
  • 3-4 pm MOS 320BIO 172 HC


  • 1-2 pm REN 104MBI 161 HC
  • 2-3 pm REN 104BIO 172 HA, HB
  • 3-4 pm REN 104BIO 172 HA, HB


  • Noon-1 pm REN 104CHM 131 HA, H

 If you are interested in being included in one of these groups, please contact the TLC office at 513-785-3139, or email

Math Tutors

Math tutors are scheduled through one-on-one appointments.