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Current Miami Students

Transfer, Visiting, or Re-Enrolling Former Miami Students

Do you need to apply to Miami University before registering for summer classes?

  • If you are not already enrolled as a Miami University student, you must APPLY to become one before registering for classes.
  • Thinking of transferring to Miami in the fall? Take a summer course or two and get a head start on your academic studies!
  • If you are a student at another institution but want to take some courses at Miami University's regional locations, you should apply as a transient student. Be sure to visit to see how Miami credits transfer back to your home institution.
  • Are you a returning former student? Summer is a great time to get back into the swing of academic life—and there is no application fee!

Note: The application process MUST be completed at least one week prior to the beginning of registration to ensure that you have the best choice of available courses.

2020 Summer Term Dates

  • Full Term: May 19 - August 8
  • First 6 weeks (T sprint): May 19 - June 27
  • Last 6 weeks (U sprint): June 29 - August 8
  • First 8 weeks (V sprint): June 15 - August 8
  • Last 8 weeks (W sprint): June 15 - August 8
  • First 4 weeks (X sprint): May 19 - June 13
  • Middle 4 weeks (Y sprint): June 15 - July 11
  • Last 4 weeks (Z sprint): July 13 - August 8