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Financial Aid Tools

Did you know?

You can do the following when you sign in to myMiami?

  • Review missing required documents for financial aid
  • Accept, decline or reduce financial aid awards
  • Update enrollment status

Smart borrowing information you can use!

  • Borrowing only what is needed for your tuition/fee/expenses will mean less you need to pay back in the future.
  • Paying the interest on any unsubsidized loans while in school will decrease or eliminate the interest being capitalized onto the original loan amount when repayment begins.
  • You are not required to accept all of your awards. You can decrease loan amounts before accepting them.
  • Taking time off during your education can use some or all of your student loan grace period.

Know your federal loan limits!

First year undergraduate federal loan limits: 

  • Dependent $5,500
  • Independent $9,500

Second year undergraduate federal  loan limits:

  • Dependent $6,500
  • Independent $10,500

Upperclassman undergraduate federal loan limits:

  • Dependent $7,500
  • Independent $12,500

Video tutorial tools

Responsible Borrowing

How to fill out a FAFSA