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Senate News, April 19, 2021
Senators engaged in a discussion regarding the Global Miami Plan revisions and voted to accept the new Plan. Dr. Dana Cox and Senator Jen Green continued a discussion about TCPL percentages and converting the ratios to true percentages. Senators heard from three Senate Committees regarding proposed composition and function changes: Liberal Education Council; Honors Program Advisory Council; and, Academic Policy Committee. Discussion will continue on these three proposals on April 26. Senator Todd Stuart presented the proposed Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship degree/major. Discussion will continue on April 26.
The 27th Annual Undergraduate Research Forum
April 21, 2021 9am - 5:50pm
EDP graduate students become 35th and 36th recipients of the Douglas R Miller Scholarship Award
Congratulations to Courtney DiOrio, MS and Todd French, MS on receiving the Douglas R Miller Scholarship Award.
Workshops teach community about nutrition
From her classroom kitchen, Nancy Parkinson goes online to teach members of the community how to prepare nutritious meals from ingredients they may pick up at local food pantries.
Dr. Kendall Leser was featured on WLWT News
Dr. Kendall Leser was interviewed by WLWT at the Wilmington COVID-19 mass vaccination site.
2021 University Faculty Scholar Award Winner
Dr. Rose Marie Ward received the University Faculty Scholar Award for a faculty member in business, education and social sciences.
The KNH Department ranked #1 as the best Kinesiology and Exercise Science Department in Ohio
The Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health ranked #1 as the best Kinesiology and Exercise Science Department in Ohio by
Senate News, April 5, 2021
Senators heard a final presentation on the proposed Miami Plan from Dr. Shelly Jarrett Bromberg, Director, Office of Liberal Education, and Dr. Leighton Peterson, Interim Associate Director, Office of Liberal Education. Dr. Dana Cox and Senator Jen Green presented a proposed change to how the TCPL caps are referenced and calculated. The proposed change would be to move to a percentage of TCPL of continuing faculty (TCPL and T/TT faculty). Senators accepted the Ad-Hoc Subcommittee reports (Staff and Faculty) for Covid Support.
100% Nutrition/Dietetic Placement Success
All 16 of the Nutrition/Dietetic seniors who applied for a post baccalaureate dietetic internship were successfully placed in programs throughout the country.