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Two Miami University researchers receive NSF RAPID grant to develop coronavirus-attacking materials
Dominik Konkolewicz (left) and Rick Page will collaborate to develop coronavirus-attacking materials.Two Miami University researchers in protein and polymer chemistry received a RAPID grant from the NSF for a project that will address the spread of novel coronavirus.
Miami's Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition winners
Winners of Miami's 2020 3MT competition (left to right): Sarah Adut, Sarah Bass, Muriel Truax and Nethmi De Alwis. The 10 finalists competed April 28 in the final round, which, like most other events during these Stay-Safe-Ohio days, was held remotely.
FSB class finds new markets, social uses for startup's pathogen-killing light
For ESP 341 students, the assignment couldn't have come at a more opportune moment
2020 W. Fred Cottrell Distinguished Alumni Award
The Scripps Gerontology Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Takashi Yamashita is the recipient of the 2020 W. Fred Cottrell Distinguished Alumni award. This award recognizes Miami University gerontology graduate student alumni for outstanding leadership in the field of aging.
Lexie Adams receives 2020 Goldwater Scholarship
Lexie Adams, junior chemical engineering major, is one of only 396 students across the nation to receive this yearÂ’s Goldwater Scholarship, regarded as the most prestigious awards that an undergraduate STEM major can earn.
Jenny Darroch named next dean of the Farmer School of Business
The Farmer School of Business will have a new dean this summer.
Faculty and students research the return of beavers to the Midwest and Miami's campus
Bartosz Grudzinski, professor of geography and fluvial geomorphologist, has been collaborating with graduate and undergraduate students to research the return of beavers to Ohio and their impact on the environment and local water quality.
Senior John Fink describes his experiences as one of six selected worldwide for geology research experience in Japan
John Fink is preparing to graduate from Miami this spring. Last summer, he was granted the opportunity to participate in the International Internship Program through the Institute For Planetary Materials, Okayama University in Misasa, Japan.
Researchers explore the mysteries of quantum physics with ultracold matter
The bright solitary dot in the center of the image is a cloud containing approximately 100 million rubidium atoms that are trapped in an optical lattice. Image created by Jeff Sabo using long exposure and an infrared filter.Scientists' understanding of quantum physics powers many technologies we use every day. That's why researchers like Samir Bali are investigating quantum mysteries.