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Assistant Professor Xinyi Xiao is granted patent
Dr. Xinyi Xiao talks about the details of the patent she was recently granted.
New Exhibitions at the Miami University Art Museum
Check out the latest exhibitions open now at the Miami University Art Museum.
Dr. Andrew Paluch receives prestigious ChemEngineering 2021 Young Investigator Award
Read about Dr. Paluch’s outstanding work in his field and the award he recently received from ChemEngineering, an open-source journal for chemical engineering.
Miami University Professor and Chair Dr. Qihou Zhou wins prestigious award from National Science Foundation for research project
Dr. Zhou talks about his research project and his work with Arecibo and his close association with the observatory where he studied and worked before coming to Miami.
Kyle Lierer and first-ever Miami iGEM team win gold in annual competition
Learn about Computer Science senior Kyle Lierer and how his contributions to Miami's first iGEM team, CROP, led to them winning gold in the 2021 International Genetically Engineered Machine competition.
Global Faculty Research Profile: Kate Dannies
Dr. Kate Dannies discusses research she is performing in Istanbul, Turkey. She is finishing up her first book, "A Patriarchy without Men: Crisis and Survival in the Ottoman First World War"
NFTs: What they are, and what they could be
The non-fungible token has taken the digital art world by storm over the last year. But could it become something bigger in business?
Lab in focus: CEC Assistant Professors collaborate in Cybersecurity research
Miami University Assistant Professors work together to develop a research lab, publish research, and offer new courses in Cybersecurity.
Global Faculty Research Profile: B. Carter Hamilton
Dr. Carter Hamilton discusses research focusing on friction stir welding/processing, including a partnership with a university in Poland.