Teach In Honors

Central to each Honors College student's curriculum are Honors course Experiences. Because students are required to complete curricular and co-curricular Honors Experiences in order to achieve University Honors, the Honors College strives to offer a wide variety of Honors course Experiences each semester.

Miami faculty are encouraged to propose Honors course Experiences through the Honors Course Experience Proposal Form. The specific steps for preparing a proposal are outlined below. All submitted proposals are sent to the Honors College Advisory Committee (HCAC) for review and approval.

Proposing an Honors Course Experience

  • Step 1: The Honors College recommends that faculty who are interested in proposing an Honors course Experience first consider what type of Honors Experience they would like to offer. There are two main types of formal Honors Course Experiences at Miami:
    • An Honors Contract course is a regular course offering enrolling both Honors and non-Honors students in which Honors students complete additional assignment(s) for the Honors Experience.
    • An Honors Exclusive course is an enriched version of a regularly offered course with an enrollment of approximately 25 Honors students. 
  • Step 2: Next, faculty should consult their chair or program director about their proposed course's credit hours, Global Miami Plan and departmental/divisional approval processes, and the semester/year in which it would be offered. 
  • Step 3: Finally, faculty should create a draft syllabus for the new Honors course Experience and submit the Honors Course Experience Proposal Form.