Faculty Spotlight: Dawna "Cricket" Meehan

photo of Dawna

  • Director of the Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs in the Department of Psychology
  • research interests include bullying within the K-12 school systems
  • enjoys spending time with her young son and daughter


"I have a Clinical Psychology PhD from the University of Central Florida. After I graduated from my program, I came to Miami, so this is my first job out of school!

"I have always been interested in helping those with different mental challenges and illnesses. This sparked my interest in psychology—it's one of those fields that's really about people and their attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions. I realized that my work in psychology could be really helpful."

Directing the Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs

"The Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs, based in the Psychology Building, primarily works with kindergarten through high school students and educators (K-12) throughout the community. Our main goal is to address non-academic barriers to learning, such as social, emotional, and behavioral challenges and mental health issues. We're aiming to integrate more of our work with the Miami campus."


"When I first started my position, I went out to all of the local K-12 buildings. It soon became apparent that bullying was always an issue no matter where I was—urban, suburban, or rural, big school or small school. It became the focus of conversation whenever I talked to people, so I spend my time researching how and why bullying happens nearly everywhere. It's one of the areas that we focus on here at the Center."

Outside the Classroom

"I do a lot of volunteer work and give a lot back to the community. One of the more recent things I've done is becoming a board member on the Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Services Board here in Butler County.

"I try to be well-rounded. I have a seven-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter, and they keep me incredibly busy and motivated. My son started playing baseball, and I love watching his team!"

[July 2014]