Faculty Spotlight: Amélie Davis

photo of Amelie Davis

  • assistant professor (Department of Geography and Institute for the Environment and Sustainability)
  • teaches courses in urban planning, sustainability, and geographic information science
  • directs the Sustainable Landscapes and Communities Research Lab (SLCRL)
  • Received her GISP (geographic information systems professional) certification in 2017
  • FAA-certified to fly sUAS (small drones)


"I received my B.A. in Biology from Earlham College, my M.S. in Oceanography from the University of Delaware, and my Ph.D. from Purdue University in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources. My field, sustainability science, is highly interdisciplinary, collaborative, and applied. I like it because I can tackle a variety of topics and constantly learn new things; because of that, it's always interesting and fulfilling.

"From 2009 to 2011, I was a postdoctoral teaching fellow at Furman University, funded by a Mellon Foundation grant from the Associated Colleges of the South programs in sustainability and the environment. From 2011 to 2013, I was a postdoctoral researcher with the Science Team of Chicago Wilderness in Chicago, Illinois."


"Currently, I teach in the Department of Geography and the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability. I teach Introduction to Urban Planning (GEO 451-551), Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GEO 441-541), Environment and Sustainability (IES 274), and Sustainability in Practice (IES 474).

"I relish passing on knowledge and techniques that I've learned and seeing the amazing things students do with all of it. My favorite part of teaching is the one-on-one interactions with students; I enjoy learning about students' aspirations and trying to help them get there. I want to prepare them for the real world and help students understand the theoretical foundations of what we're talking about, but also be able to apply the theory to solve problems."


"As the director of the Sustainable Landscapes and Communities Research Lab, I work with both undergraduate and graduate students in studying human-environment interactions from the perspectives of landscape ecology, environmental planning, and sustainability. I'm especially interested in studying the provision and distribution of ecosystem services in urban landscapes, as well as how those ecosystem services might be maintained and enhanced. More information on my research can be found on my website."

Outside the Classroom

"I feel motivated by giving back to the community, learning new things, and solving problems. I am passionate about making positive changes in the world. My main hobbies are running, baking, and spending time with my 3-year-old child and husband."

[February 2019]