Faculty Spotlight: Dale Ehrlich

photo of Dale Ehrlich

Written by Katy O’Neill, CAS communications intern

Lecturer Dale Ehrlich has been lecturing for Miami University's American Culture and English (ACE) Program for 6 years.

Ehrlich has taught intensive English programs at 8 universities in 5 different countries: Guatemala, Cambodia, Czech Republic, South Korea, and the United States. Four of the eight universities that he has taught at, including Miami, are in the U.S.

While family brought him back to Ohio, he admits he enjoys Miami University. Today, the Cleveland-native resides in the countryside of Oxford, Ohio. His house, land, and space for his small dog are some of his favorite things about being at Miami.

In the ACE Program, Ehrlich specializes in teaching pronunciation, grammar, and practical English skills for international students. The dedicated lecturer explained that he enjoys each course he teaches, but he has a special connection to his supplemental course (ACE 619) for international graduate students.

"You can tell the students are invested in what they're learning, and we share a common goal of improving their ability to communicate in English," Ehrlich said. "We are confident in our goal and the need to learn."

He also enjoys his Practical English course (ACE 310), in which he works one-on-one with students to teach the necessary grammatical skills to help them be successful at Miami. In these classes, Ehrlich sees a unique desire and excitement to learn in his students.

As a lecturer, Ehrlich works to imbue his students with the responsibility for their own learning and success.

Speaking of his extensive travel experiences, Ehrlich said, "I have been a recipient of such extraordinary kindness and generosity as a 'foreigner.' I have an unpayable debt to visitors here in my home country."

Therefore, he works hard dedicating himself and his time to his students' learning.

"Having lived internationally, I know how rich it can be to immerse yourself into a new culture and language," Ehrlich explained. "I really want my students to improve their language skills. I'm excited on their behalf for this opportunity they're facing."

Because of these personal experiences, Ehrlich creates a unique connection with his ACE Program students. When asked what advice he would give them, he advises them to "be bold — make English your priority."

He also admits that things as simple as dressing nicely for presentations and attending a professor's office hours in the first three weeks of the semester helps students a tremendous amount.

In terms of advice for prospective ACE Program students, Ehrlich said, "Language learning can transform itself from a dreary burden into one of life's sweeter joys through a simple choice: the learner has to want it!"

[November 2018]