Nick Mafi (Class of 2009)

photo of Nick Mafi

  • major in English/Literature
  • from Worthington, OH
  • coach of Miami Women's Club Soccer team

"Hi, I'm Nick Mafi.

"I was a transfer student from Syracuse University, where I played soccer until I suffered a career-ending knee injury. I was a bit wary of coming back to Ohio and pursuing my academic career so close to home. I felt that I was moving backwards and wouldn't grow as an individual. Looking back at my time at Miami and all the meaningful relationships I made, I could not have been more wrong. I transformed from a jock who cared more about scoring goals in a big match rather than scoring well on an exam, to a mature and well-spoken English literature major who became self-contained and self-aware.

"I cannot attribute my success at Miami entirely to myself, however. Meeting and regularly conversing with my academic counselor and many of my literature professors provided me with much needed guidance, structure and confidence. Through them I found both mentors and close friends and because of them, I found my home to be Miami.

"People have asked me what an English major can do in the 'real' world. Well, this year I'm teaching English in Thailand, in the city of Singburi, which is located roughly two hours north of Bangkok. Singburi is in the countryside—lots of rice fields and lots of spiders, and that about sums up Singburi. I've been here for a couple of months now and when my school went on holiday, I backpacked around the region for a couple of weeks."

[October 2009]