Bethany Bowyer (Class of 2010)

photo of Bethany Bowyer

  • senior double major in Public Administration and Urban & Regional Planning
  • from Chardon, OH
  • undergraduate research associate at the Center for Public Management and Regional Affairs
  • student senator and former secretary for academic affairs in Associated Student Government
  • recipient of the 2010 President's Distinguished Service Award

Our original conversation with Bethany was conducted in April 2010.

"To current and future students, I encourage you to apply your passions toward one of Miami's many opportunities."

Update: November 2010

"After 2 weeks of over 30 interviews in which the 26 fellows competed for placements, I really lucked out. I'm extremely happy to be working for the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, Robert Steel, in City Hall [New York City]. I am learning a ton, working with an array of very talented people and trying my very best to represent Miami well."

Original Conversation: April 2010

"Hi, my name is Bethany Bowyer. Though uncertain of where my journey would take me, I chose Miami because I knew of its strong reputation for producing successful undergraduates. After arriving on campus, I soon realized that one of Miami's incredible traits is its ability to fulfill the interests of so many different students. My experiences here have proved to me that a student can take anything they are interested in and find a way to apply it through a class, research, studying abroad, or becoming involved on campus and within the community.

"In my four years here, I have become very engaged with the university and the city of Oxford. These out of classroom experiences have helped me define my academic goals and, ultimately, discover my passion for pursuing a career in public service. To current and future students, I encourage you to apply your passions toward one of Miami's many opportunities."

Center for Public Management and Regional Affairs (CPMRA) and Public Policy Analysis Capstone

"As an undergraduate research associate, I gained a lot of experience in understanding many of the challenges that local governments face. Whether working on community surveys, data collection for the CPMRA's annual wage and benefit survey, or conducting research for the Ohio Local Government Reform Commission, I have had unique, 'hands on' experience with government.

"In addition to my time spent at the CPMRA, my entire public policy analysis capstone class traveled to the state capital in Columbus to participate in the Ohio Township Association Conference this spring. Also a very unique opportunity at the undergraduate level, this conference allowed everyone the chance to engage with local and state officials, as well as the opportunity to attend workshops to further understand the workings of local government in Ohio. Furthermore, the conference gave us the chance to gain a sense of local issues facing townships and to gain insight on the politics that may surround these issues.

"These experiences are a great example of how interactive education at Miami can be. Attending the conference allowed me to expand my knowledge about public administration as well as apply my coursework to the real world."

After Graduation

"Upon graduating, I will be moving to New York City as a member of the 2010-2011 Urban Fellows Program. Sponsored through the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, I will complete a nine-month fellowship in which I will be working for a city department or agency. In addition to the job I will be matched up with, I will be participating in service projects with other fellows, traveling to Albany, NY and Washington DC, as well as meeting with officials across the entire city.

"I am excited to use the knowledge I have gained through my coursework at Miami to prepare for this incredible opportunity. I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing more in the next year and am thankful for all of the opportunities Miami has given me over the past four years to excel. I am hoping to use this fellowship as an opportunity to learn more about public policy before pursuing a master's degree in Public Administration."

[April 2010]