Meet 2019 CCA Graduate Kathryn Berger


Kathryn Berger, Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Double Major: Comparative Religion

Cum Laude

University Honors

Next Step: Working for a local business while preparing for graduate school in the fall.

This summer Kathryn will be working while she prepares for a move to Chicago for graduate school in the fall.

What is your next stop?

I will be attending the University of Chicago Divinity School. I am pursuing an MA, which is an academic degree, not a theological degree. I hope to focus on religion and music.

How did you find out about this opportunity?

I found out about University of Chicago’s programs through my professors at Miami. I tried to take as many classes and opportunities to help me prepare for the application process and for my time at the University of Chicago.

What are you most proud of during your time at Miami?

My senior recital. It felt like a culmination of all my time and hard work at Miami.

Please share an inspiring story.

During my freshman year, I joined marching band. Even though I had never marched before, the band was so welcoming and supportive throughout all four years. I hope I have passed some of that love to the younger marching band members.

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