Help SEEC through Move In Miami!

Move In Miami (MIM) is underway! The College of Engineering and Computing is excited to be participating in MIM and to begin another unique semester. MUCAT students taking a picture with their project

What is Move In Miami?

MIM is a campus-wide fundraising event that will last for 20 hours and 24 minutes on August 13th, in honor of the incoming class of 2024.

This year, CEC is raising money for Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing (SEEC). SEEC includes programs like the Humanitarian Engineering and Computing minor (HE&C), Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP), and Miami University’s Center for Assistive Technology (MUCAT).

What is SEEC?

The SEEC initiative appeals to students looking to better understand the world around them. Through SEEC programs, students learn to be socially-aware and globally-conscious leaders of tomorrow.

By donating to the SEEC fundraising campaign, students will be able to conduct research, study abroad and more! Donate to SEEC anytime between now and August 13th.

By Jenna Calderón, CEC Reporter