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Miami University Center for Assistive Technology badge between a faculty member and a student
Two pictures: On the left students are showcasing their project and on the right students take a picture in the classroom
 Three different images of students working in labs
 Three images showing examples of MUCAT projects
 Tim Cameron, Kumar Singh, and a Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering alum, conversing in front of a Center for Assistive Technology banner
 A student giving a presentation using a poster
 Dr. Brinkman and 3 students working with augmented reality goggles

Assistive technology is broadly defined as a technological solution to enable an improved quality of life. This center will identify socially relevant problems and develop engineering solutions by engaging students and faculty at Miami University across multiple divisions. MU-CAT will conduct externally funded interdisciplinary research projects; engage students in socially relevant, experiential learning; and help recruit women students to engineering majors.

Miami University Center for Assistive Technology, housed within CEC, is an interdisciplinary center working collaboratively with Scripps Gerontology Center as well as the Center for Social Entrepreneurship in Farmer School of Business.

Design Innovation Challenge

Miami University Center for Assistive Technology MUCAT Logo

Competition Objective

The Design Innovation Competition can showcase your talent while improving the quality of life of people.  The challenge is to solve global engineering problems with a Miami touch. Come join us ! 

Rules and more information for the Design Innovation Competition »


Dr. Shukla talks about a MUCAT project