Slow Food at La Giarra
la-giaraOn our way to our weekend trip to Torre di Albidona, we stopped at a Slow Food certified restaurant.
More Italian Culture Emersion
culture-emersionItalian culture is interesting to see. The food is really the one that stands out the most as it is what you would see every day.
Weekend Trip to Tropea
tropeaThe third weekend of our study abroad experience we decided to go to Tropea, Italy.
Leadership in Sustainability Class
leadership-sustainabilityOne of the courses that we take here in Calabria is called Leadership in Sustainability.
Class on the Beach in Italy
beach-italyOur group of seven had class on the beach at Paola (Calabria, Italy).
Day Trip to Cosenza
cosenzaToday we went on our first day trip to the city of Cosenza. While there, we were exposed to the city’s rich history,
Meeting the President of the University of Calabria
president-calabriaOur summer study abroad workshop is the first American program of this type to take place at University of Calabria (UniCal).
Italy Study Abroad Students in Rome
italy-introIntro to the Italy summer study abroad.
Memories for a Lifetime
memoriesI have had a lot of fun on this study abroad program. From trying out different types of food to snowboarding down Mont Tremblant, it was just full of new and interesting things.