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Dr. Tawfiq Salem to present research at computer science conference
Recently, his first paper of 2020, titled “Learning a Dynamic Map of Visual Appearance,” was accepted to this year's Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR). CVPR is one of the top and most well-known conferences in the computer science field.
Third Annual Research Symposium
The Center for Assistive Technology will host the 3rd annual Research Symposium on Thursday, March 5-6 in Armstrong, room 2078.
Students take field trip to AK Steel Research Center
The students were met by 2017 Miami graduate, Katherine Bruce, who is currently a Research Engineer with AK Steel.
Summer Scholars Program Introduces New Module
The new module, “Under Pressure,” explores “Modeling, Simulation, Analysis and Design for Deep Sea Exploration.” This involves structural engineering as well as understanding the complex, deep sea environment.
Ohio's Department of Higher Education awards funding to support Robotics program
Through RAPIDS, Miami’s main campus and regional campuses received a total of over $300,000. The funds have been used to purchase robotics kits that are being used in classes like ECE471 (Robotics-Vision & Control).
Dr. Yingbin Hu is Granted Patent
The patent, titled Nano/micro scale porous structured alloys using selective alloying process based on elemental powders, took approximately four years to complete. He began the process while he was earning his master’s degree at The University of Texas System.
Miami CPB Graduate Spotlight
In 2013, David Mead graduated from Miami University with a degree in chemical engineering and a concentration in paper science, unaware of the amazing opportunities that lie ahead.
CPB Students Take Europe
Over J-Term, 20 CEC students went abroad on the Paper Engineering in Austria and Central Europe program, or P.E.A.C.E. for short.
Spring Career Fair
On Feb. 12, the spring career fair will be held in Millet Hall from 1-5 p.m..