COVID-19 Campus Update | 12:55 p.m.

Hello Miami community,

Last week the CDC modified its guidelines related to masks, and Butler County is currently listed as a medium risk area. The City of Oxford’s mask ordinance also expired yesterday. Given those developments, we are changing our masking requirement on campus. 


As of today, masks will only remain required in classrooms during instruction, laboratory or other research settings, and in healthcare settings. Masks are recommended in other indoor spaces, particularly if you or people you interact with are known to be immunocompromised or at high risk for severe illness, or as a kindness if others request it of you. (Please note that BRCTA will continue to require masks on buses until the order from the TSA regarding public transportation changes.)

We know that people have different levels of comfort regarding risk and masks, and we should each be sensitive to and respect differences of opinion on this topic. We have spent the better part of the last two years masked in public, and it will take time for some of us to feel comfortable reducing our use of masks. Some may choose to remain masked to protect themselves or those close to them. If you choose to continue masking, an N95 or KN95 mask offers a particularly high level of protection for the wearer.

While masks will only be required in classrooms, labs/research settings, and healthcare settings, you may wish to communicate your preference that visitors to your office or residence hall room wear a mask. It’s best to let guests know you prefer masks ahead of their visit. You can also print and post this sign on your door

Please do what feels right for you, and respect that others may make different decisions. We have all experienced the pandemic differently and will all experience the new state of an endemic differently as well.

We will continue to monitor the risk level in our community. There may be times when we move back to the high risk category and we will need to restore the full campus mask requirement for a time. Stay tuned here each week and we will communicate any change in our status.

Please see our FAQs for additional information about the mask requirement at the end of this message and on our website


With spring break just over two weeks away, now is the time to pick up at least two at-home antigen tests, one to use before you leave campus and another just before you return. At-home antigen tests are available while supplies last to those with a Miami ID on the Oxford and Regional campuses. You can also order four free at-home tests through the mail from the federal government. Students covered by Miami’s student health plan (Aetna) and employees covered by Miami’s employee health plan (Anthem) can also be reimbursed for over-the-counter COVID-19 diagnostic tests. Please pay out of pocket at the time of purchase and keep your receipt to submit a claim online. 

  • Students: Learn more and log in at

  • Employees: Log in to, go to Claims & Payment, and choose Submit a Claim.

Check your email for an invitation to participate in free surveillance testing from While your participation in surveillance testing is not required, it is strongly encouraged. 


There have been no changes to the Q&I process since our last update

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COVID-19 Response Team


Masking FAQ

  1. Why are masks still required in the classroom during instruction? 
    • The decision was made to maintain a mask requirement during classes for two primary reasons: 
      • Students and faculty have fewer opportunities to physically distance themselves in a classroom compared to other spaces across campus, and in these settings, they are stationary for prolonged periods of time. 
      • Students and faculty are required to occupy the classroom setting unlike most other indoor spaces across campus where people have greater agency and flexibility to decide if/how/when they choose to enter the space.
  2. I am in a student organization that meets in a classroom in the evenings. Are our members required to wear masks?
    • When we say “required in the classroom,” it means during class with an instructor, rather than referring to the physical space. Since student organizations are optional in ways that classes are not, you are not required to wear masks in that setting. It is up to your organization to decide.
  3. Is this decision permanent or will we have to wear masks again? How will the decision to resume mask-wearing be made?
    • This decision is not permanent; we will adjust to changing conditions. We will continue to monitor the risk level in our community, and there may be times when we move back to the high risk category and we will need to restore the mask requirement for a time. Just as we put away our winter coats with a stretch of warm weather, we know that there are times we will need to get them out again if temperatures drop. Masks will be the same. Alternatively, we hope to reach a time when all requirements can be lifted. The COVID Management team will continue to monitor the risk level in our community and adjust accordingly.  
  4. I am upset by this decision and do not agree. Who can I contact about this?
    • We know that there is no policy related to masking that everyone will agree with, but this is the decision. If you wish to share your thoughts, you may email We may not respond to every message or call in order to allow our staff to meet all of their other responsibilities, but we do read every message
  5. Are there any places on campus that still require people to wear masks? 
    • Yes, masks are required in classrooms during instruction, laboratory or other research settings, and in healthcare settings on campus.