University Diversity and Inclusion Awards 2021-2022

Ray of Light

This award recognizes members of the Miami University community who have demonstrated, advanced, or promoted activities, programs, or actions that have supported campus efforts to help enrich the experiences for faculty, staff, and students at the university. Every year at least one of these awards will be given to an undergraduate or graduate student.

Distinguished Service

This award recognizes the creative/academic contributions of a unit (including department or office)steeped in a consistent record of service that has highlighted or supported diversity and inclusion or directly shaped and positively affected the meaning and understanding of diversity and inclusion on campus. This award considers efforts by the unit over the past two years.

Diversity Event of the Year

This award recognizes an individual or group who hosted an event or series

that engaged the campus community in a meaningful diversity and inclusion experience. The event should have been a collaborative effort with various campus stakeholders to extend the scope and impact of the event on campus.

Institutional Inclusive Excellence

This award recognizes trailblazers on campus who have led or impacted a policy shift, innovative programming, or demonstrated scholarly opportunities for the Miami community to engage in diversity and inclusion activities directly on campus.


Friday, April 22, 2022

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