Year End Processing Deadlines

Listed below are the deadlines for year-end processes and transactions that must be met in order for these transactions to be recorded in the appropriate fiscal year. Please contact the appropriate office at the number listed below with any questions. It is important that everyone make every effort to meet these deadlines and process all outstanding documents within the established timeframe in order to have a successful year-end close.

As a general reminder, departments have 90 days from the date of the expense to submit requests for corrections or reclassification between accounts. This includes corrections and reclassification requests in the form of journal entries, interdepartmental uploads, and labor redistributions. Transactions with an original date prior to April should have already been submitted prior to June. Please note that General Accounting will deny requests beyond 90 days. Exceptions may be made only if there is a valid reason, such as an expense charged to a fund that is not permitted. An example of this would be alcohol charged to an operating/E&G fund.

Journal Entries

Contact: General Accounting 9-6118

In accordance with our policies, all transfers for expenses prior to April should have already been completed. Journal Entries for April, May, and June of the current fiscal year's expenses ONLY must be sent to by July 5. Please note these dates replace any previously published dates on the Journal Entry Form.

Banner Interdepartmental Uploads

Contact: General Accounting 9-6118

All interdepartmental charges, in the form of an upload, which is to be included in the current fiscal year must be sent to by July 5. Any uploads received after that date will be charged to the following fiscal year.

Labor Redistributions

Contact: General Accounting 9-6118

Labor Redistributions for April, May, and June expenses ONLY must be submitted in Banner 9 Self-Service by your area's authorized user by July 5. Any April, May, and June redistributions received after the deadline will be processed in the following fiscal year within 90 days of the original expense transaction date.

For any questions related to Journal Entries, Banner Interdepartmental Uploads, and Labor Redistributions, please email General Accounting at

Request for Purchase Order Requisitions and Purchase Order Closure

Contact: Strategic Procurement

Fiscal encumbrances for FY24 cannot be made until after 07/01/23. No transactions for FY24 that require a requisition/PO may be submitted through Buyway before 07/01/23. If a department has a critical workflow that needs to be reviewed, such as an agreement, they are encouraged to submit those documents as soon as possible via Contract Routing, or no later than 05/07/23. When submitting a request for a contract where services will be rendered in FY24, please be sure to include a Buyway comment on your request that indicates this is a FY24 transaction. Please note that no PO will be sent for a FY24 transaction until after the new fiscal year opens.

Additionally, Strategic Procurement will also be closing all open purchase orders from FY23 within the first couple of months of FY24. Blanket purchase orders or purchase orders for agreements that cross fiscal years will need to be refreshed via a new Buyway requisition in the new fiscal year. Departments can request that their open FY23 PO(s) be carried forward into FY24 and remain open by submitting an email with their PO number(s) and justification to Any carry-over requests will need to have a legitimate justification, and Procurement will review these requests on a case-by-case basis.

For any questions, please email

Budget Transfers

Contact: Budget 9-4227

Permanent budget transfer for the current fiscal year must be received in the Budget Office by March 31. Onetime budget transfers for the current fiscal year must be received in the Budget Office by June 23 of the current fiscal year.

Unclassified Staff - June 2023 Leave Reports

Contact: Human Resources or Academic Personnel

As we approach the end of the 2023 fiscal year, please plan accordingly to set reminders to submit and approve June leave reports no later than July 5, 2023. This early submission and approval are our standard practice to ensure a timely close for the 2023 fiscal year.

For any questions, please email HR at or Academic Personnel at

Invoice and Travel/P-Card Expenses

Contact: Accounts Payable 9-9200


FY23 ends on June 30th. In order to close out FY23 in a timely manner, we ask that you please have all invoices entered into Buyway and approved for processing no later than 5 p.m. on June 23. If items are received in the department after this date, please process invoices as soon as possible, and they may be posted to FY23.

Travel and P-Cards Expenses

Once the purchasing with your P-Card for the month of June is complete, please complete your expense report in Chrome River as soon as possible before the month of June ends. Even if unexpected additional transactions must be made for June, you can reconcile those separately with no penalty for creating multiple expense reports. If you have multiple expenses which will take place throughout the month of June, consider reconciling the first half of the month on one report in mid-June and the remainder at the end of the month.

All travel and P-Card expense reports for the month of June 2023 must be prepared and submitted for approval in Chrome River by Wednesday, July 5th.

All reports must be approved by approvers by Friday, July 7th.

All of the offices above appreciate your efforts to submit these items as early as possible throughout the fiscal year as well as during the last month of processing.