Institute for Entrepreneurship joins curriculum partnership with Uncharted Learning

Program aimed at helping high school students start businesses

Program aimed at helping high school students start businesses

Miami University’s Institute for Entrepreneurship at the Farmer School of Business is pleased to announce a new curriculum partnership with Uncharted Learning, NFP, creators of the innovative INCubatoredu entrepreneurship program for high schools. Through this ongoing collaboration, the Institute for Entrepreneurship will partner with Uncharted Learning to integrate specific tools, experiential exercises, and practices from its nationally-acclaimed undergraduate creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking curriculum to further enhance the foundation and rigor of the INCubatoredu program.

“We believe enhancing creativity and front-end innovation is critical for all students as early as possible. So instead of waiting for them to come to college, we are infusing our creative curriculum into INCubatoredu’s outstanding program,” said Tim Holcomb, Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship.

Uncharted Learning’s Director of Programs, Ashley Blackburn, added, “We’re thrilled to work with the Institute for Entrepreneurship to enhance opportunities for INCubatoredu students to access and apply higher-order creative thinking and skill-building. This partnership will help us augment our stack of programs from elementary to high school, which provides a pathway for students to progressively develop their entrepreneurial mindset to solve real challenges. This collaboration stays true to our commitment to providing evergreen solutions that are regularly refreshed to match evolving industry standards and best practices.”

INCubatoredu was launched in 2013 at Barrington High School in Illinois with the goal of students learning business by creating their own business. Since then more than 11,000 student entrepreneurs in more than 120 high schools have created businesses through the INCubatoredu program. Miami University’s Institute of Entrepreneurship assisted with INCubatoredu’s initial launch, providing specific Lean Startup development and other startup training course materials from the Institute’s undergraduate curriculum.