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Event seeks new ways to build creative connections between students, executives
It was much like a networking event, without the resumes, job pitches, and networking.
Creativity City takes shape on Farmer School lawn
More than a dozen properties in the "city" are designed to help visitors find their creativity, in whatever form it takes.
Institute for Entrepreneurship joins curriculum partnership with Uncharted Learning
A new initiative will have the Farmer School Institute of Entrepreneurship helping develop better curriculum for INCubatoredu.
Farmer School team finishes VCIC nationals in top 3 again
It's getting to be something of a habit at the Farmer School: strong finishes in the Venture Capital Investment Competition
Social Innovation Weekend seeks substance abuse solutions
More than 70 students took on the challenge of finding new, innovative solutions to the problem of substance abuse at Social Innovation Weekend
It's a threepeat! Farmer School team wins VCIC Central Region again
A Farmer School team has won the Central Region of the Venture Capital Investment Competition for the third time, this time on their home turf.
Farmer School alumna lifts aspiring women entrepreneurs with gift
A $100,000 gift from a Farmer School alumna and instructor will help women in entrepreneurship
Social Innovation Weekend to tackle opioid abuse problem, seek solutions
Social Innovation Weekend will look for ideas and solutions in substance abuse and addiction recovery.
Alumni gift supports budding entrepreneurs
A gift from a longtime Farmer School of Business supporter will help students who have a business idea and the entrepreneurial drive make their idea a reality.