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Myles' Story

As an engineering major, Myles White-Young knew he wanted to study abroad but wasn’t sure where or how. He met with an advisor from the Study Abroad office, who gave him some options of programs related to his major that would still allow him to graduate on time.

He eventually chose to spend a semester in Madrid, Spain.

“There's something out there for everyone,” Myles said. “Engineers aren’t really ever able to go abroad, so like that's a huge thing for Miami to have that accomplished.”

While in Madrid, Myles experienced engineering on a global scale and was able to see how they apply concepts differently in Spain than in the United States, particularly relating to thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

He was also forced to step outside of his comfort zone to acclimate to the new culture.

The Spanish people are much more relaxed than Americans. Before studying abroad, Myles was more uptight and liked to have things organized. In Spain, he experienced a culture that still accomplishes tasks and has fun in the process, while living life at a slower pace. They take a two-hour break every afternoon from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., where people eat lunch or take a nap. Myles started to take these breaks, which helped him to prioritize his own comfort and relaxation.

This has changed Myles’ perspective even after returning to the United States. He still values structure and order, but if something doesn’t turn out as he planned, he is better able to adjust and has less anxiety about those situations.

“You get to learn about culture from other countries because like what you're used to here is not at all what they're used to there,” Myles said.

As an introvert, it was hard for Myles to form these friendships in Spain and step outside of his comfort zone to interact with these people.

“The biggest thing for me from that was just coming out of my shell because I honestly would not made those friends had I not come out of my shell,” Myles said.

When he made the effort to reach out to people, whether it be in Spanish or English, they returned the favor and welcomed him into their group. Myles made many friends while he was abroad that he still communicates with today.

Throughout the ups and downs of studying abroad, Myles learned about the world and about himself through an experience that he never wanted to end.

“You'll never want to leave once you have to actually leave,” he said. “And so it's really good to have that kind of experience and love for something that you're not used to being surrounded by.”

About Myles

Myles White-Young headshot


Lyndhurst, Ohio

Graduation Year



Mechanical Engineering


IES Madrid

Favorite Class and Professor Abroad

Spain and the Americas (Spanish and Spanish diaspora history) taught by Lucas Montojo

Favorite Destination

Paris, France

Campus Involvement

Resident Assistant, NSBE, and Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute