Technologies for Writing

Close up of a female's students at a keyboard
The following technologies can aid writers in the writing process.


Screenreaders and Speech Recognition

File Storage and Editors

Online File Storage

File Editors

  • Smallpdf—edit or convert PDFs (free)
  • Free OCRextract text from images or scanned PDFs (free)

Collaborative and Group Projects

Real-Time Editing for Multiple Users

Video-Meeting Software

Presentations and Videos

Presentation Software

Screen Recorders


Articles and Books

Survey- and Form-Builders


Images for Use

Image Editors

  • PowerPoint (free for Miami students)
  • Canva (free)
  • Gimp—advanced (free)
  • InDesign—advanced (discounted price for Miami students)
  • Photoshop—advanced (discounted price for Miami students)


Fonts for Download